I like to work with natural and discarded materials, such as wood or bone, conscious of the strength, quality and the life they had before.
Wood, bone, metal, fleece… each has been used for thousands of years and I love the textures and tactile quality of these functional survival materials.
I’m interested in taking ordinary objects and transforming them into works with life and meaning.
I hope some of its spirit and energy transfers to the final piece; that in some way its previous life is being respected.

I get inspiration from the ancient fragments left behind by our ancestors and collected in museums, as well as the archeological sites that preserved them.
The objects that interest me are mostly functional and utilitarian: needles, arrowheads, fishing hooks, spindle whorls, weaving combs and weights.
Most intriguing are the fragments with unexplained uses, and ones imbued with magical powers.

I’m interested in how we represent ourselves, the objects we keep that give us feelings of security and comfort and the lucky charms and amulets that protect us from harm. And also how we project our hopes, vulnerability and fears on to objects that help to make us feel stronger and better able to cope and understand the world.